About Elara

About Elara

Elara Healthcare was formed in late 2009 as Michael and Jim had just finished with Hospice on Call. They saw a need for affordable EMR for the hospice industry and thus Elara Healthcare was born.

In a little less than 14 months, a beta client was acquired and the software was developed over the next 3 years finally going to market in 2013. Elara also acquired the ability to provide IT Consulting and Billing Services along the way.

10/15/2018 - CareTime and Elara have merged!

Contact us for a Demo and we will buy you lunch. We can increase your staff productivity, allow your census to grow and eliminate your headaches.

Hoping to play in our Demo Site?

We have a demo site where you are able to log in and enter demo patients to see how easy our software is.
Use our Contact Us form and we will email you credentials to use the demo.