Are you ready for your company’s transition to IDC10?

Are you ready for your company’s transition to IDC10? Are you informed about all of the significant differences between IDC - 9 and IDC - 10? Have you already started to use the new version of HIPAA transaction standards known as 5010?

The complian ce deadline for IDC - 10 is October 1, 2013, and there are many recourses and informational tools that will help ease the transition for you and your company. It is important that your company prepares for this transition because it will require a significan t amount of planning and training. Some software upgrades or even system replacements may be required in order to become fully IDC - 10 compliant.

After October 1, 2013, all transactions for services or discharge must be submitted using the proper IDC - 10 co des or the transaction will not be processed. It is important to have this process in place and organized before the deadline in order to avoid confusion and hassle .

Here are a few ideas to get you started on the right track. Start by becoming familia r with the new IDC - 10. Understanding the differences between the old and the new IDC should make the process easier. Create a project plan that will help you stay organized. Create a checklist of which areas of the company and staff that will be affected most, for example the billing department. Speak with your software vender and determine what their plans are for the IDC - 10 requirements. Complex testing of the codes and training workshops for the staff should also be included in your project plan.

It is important to get started early for the new IDC - 10. Do not let your company be taken off guard. Be prepared and organized and the transition will move smoothly. A detailed IDC - 10 checklist can be found on American Medical Association website along with oth er informational items to help you and your company be successful and IDC - 10 compliant.

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