Billing your Claims

Hospice and Palliative Care Billing

Billing your Hospice Claims in only 15 Minutes

Our billing system is fully integrated within our EMR. The process spans the creation of a charge, generation of a claim , 837 file creation and uploading to the payer.

  • Using our Built-in EDI billing feature, you really can bill your entire month in 15 minutes.

  • With the exception of the review process, every step is only a few mouse clicks.

  • Your billing costs are reduced to mere hours as manual entry is eliminated*.

  • *You must register your patient’s NOE in the DDE. To date, Medicare has not automated this process .

    With just a few mouse clicks, you can bill your month!
  • Step 1: Run all Charges (30 Seconds)
  • Step 2: Review Charges (5-10 Minutes)
  • Create your claims and send them to your intermediary with 4 mouse clicks!
  • Step 3: Create all Claims (30 Seconds)
  • Step 4: Send Claims (30 Seconds)
  • Elara uses Solace as our intermediary partner. They have the best interface on the market!
  • Step 5: Send to Payer through Solace
  • Step 6: You’re Done!

  • Need a see a Demo?

    We can provide a demo in as little as 15 minutes, over the web, at your convenience.